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Pretty Envelopes



A printing press meets its passion after three generations in the industry.


Hi, Passion is a stationery line operating under ‘Im-Press Enterprises.


This venture is considered as the owner’s second leap of faith. The first was when ‘Im-Press Enterprises was established in 2016 to carry on the legacy of her grandparents’ and father’s printing press — a family business that has seen the evolution of the industry in the Philippines since 1965, from letterpress to offset to digital.


Now, after servicing the creative needs of various clients for three years and seeing the glow in their faces every time they see their ideas come to life through newsletters, books, notebooks, cards, etc., the owner decided to take another jump. Thus, Hi, Passion.



In Hi, Passion, we want to experience the feeling of putting our hearts into ideas, executing them, seeing the outcome, and finally witnessing how they will help others pursue their passions, as well.


We celebrate the idea that you, our passionate fellah, make an effort to chase your dreams, one step at a time; and write your story, #1Line a day.

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