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Focus on today, everyday

I am not sure if you will agree with me, but planning out the future and acting on it have become dreadful ever since the pandemic happened.

Thinking ahead, with all the uncertainties happening day in and day out, has been draining for me, if not paralyzing.

Days were spent waiting for things to be better in the hope that I’ll get my momentum back and pick up from where I left in achieving the goals I laid out in the past; but to be very honest, the situation never really improved. I felt stuck waiting.

Luckily, or I’d like to believe through Divine Intervention, I saw a quote that read, “Take care of the days and the year will take care of itself” — and it made the perfect sense to me. I decided to face my days head on, one day at a time, as purposeful as possible.

I think what really helped me were the “to do” lists I was making everyday. I wrote everything, no matter how petty. In the early months, I was writing mundane tasks like making my bed, taking vitamins, cutting my nails, feeding my dog and cats, etc.

When eventually they became a habit then a routine, I found myself injecting bigger tasks to my lists like scheduling a grocery run for one day, re-organizing my room for another, working on pending paperwork for certain hours in a span of weeks, exercising every other day, and a lot more.

Checking the items on my lists made me feel like I was progressing. My “to do” list helped me realize that even in our current situation where things are out of hand, there are still some things I have control over.

Focusing on the present day, everyday, helped me move forward in a time where being stagnant is the easier choice.

This is the story of how Hi, Passion came about with Today by Hi, Passion — a checklist made out of recycled paper. It’s sustainable so spending a sheet per day, even with petty tasks, is guilt-free.

Today by Hi, Passion retails at P90.00 for a set of three pads. Click HERE to purchase!

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