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Here’s the perfect journal for your ‘quarantined life'

Let’s be honest, 2020 challenged our dedication to keep a diary.

The importance of recording your daily life this pandemic was emphasized by historians from all across the globe. However, it seemed impossible if your normal days are monotonously spent either working from home or attending online classes.

Luckily, there is a journal that saves you from the pressure of filling up a page about how your day went when the only significant thing that happened was when you cried over a K-drama scene.

Hi, Passion’s 1 Line Journal allows you to write at least a line each day. It can be about a milestone, a striking emotion, a significant information, or really anything random that can sum up or highlight your day.

Each page is assigned with a specific day of the year; and in every page, there are five spaces dedicated for your entries for the five succeeding years you plan to use the journal.

Meaning, all entries for the exact same day for five years can be seen on one page. This feature allows you to revisit your previous thoughts and feelings on that very same day through the years.

Historian and Professor Herbitico Braun of the University of Virginia said that more than ever, even if your normal days have dulled you into just getting through them, now is the time to keep a diary.

“There is much that all of us and each of us have already experienced in the past few [months] that is shocking, unexpected, unpredictable, unknowable, new; much that we have not felt before and not seen”, Braun said. “What is it like to live today knowing that we do not know what tomorrow and the day after will bring?”

1 Line Journal will be the tool that will help you witness your life unfold. Surely, even in your “quarantined life”, there is something to look back on to and learn from.

With a compact size of 4.875 x 5.875 inches, 1 Line Journal is retailed at P499.00. Its hardbound cover comes in four colors: black, grey, brown, and yellow.

Ready to grab yours? Click HERE!

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