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Why give 1 Line Journal as a gift this Christmas?

Christmas is just around the corner. Some of you might be panicking already on what presents to give your loved ones. Well, you might want to consider the 1 Line Journal! Here's why:

1. 1 Line Journal is a thoughtful gift.

By gifting the 1 Line Journal to your loved ones, you let them know that you want them to cherish their memories, including those you spend together.

2. You're giving them a tool to appreciate their lives even better.

Through the 1 Line Journal, you help your loved ones write down something that they can easily look back to as years go by. With it, they can relive their milestones, revisit happy random moments, and learn from their past mistakes. It will make them realize that a bad day a year ago is not as bad after all.

3. You consider their hectic schedule.

1 Line Journal is a gift that will be appreciated by almost everyone who is passionate about life, even the busy bodies. They only need a minute or two to record the highlight of their day.

4. You can buy the 1 Line Journal in a rush!

Some online stores, as we know, have ceased operations and have started their holiday break come this week. This is totally fine because we all need to rest! However, as much as we want to do the same, well, our passion to bring you the 1 Line Journal as 2021 draws near is very much alive and burning~

That being said, if you plan to gift the 1 Line Journal this Christmas, we advise you to message us and schedule a same-day pick up on December 21 to 23, 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

If the order is not time-sensitive though, of course we will still ship through regular couriers. Just please understand that the holiday rush may cause some delays.

After all is said and done, we just want to let you know that you don't have to pressure yourself in giving material presents this Christmas. You have been through a lot this year -- and surviving and sticking around are surely enough of a gift to those who truly love you.

P.S. Our last statement may harm our sales, but we just want to let it out for you. Have a Merry Christmas! Congratulations on holding on this 2020!

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