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You! You and your shout-out

Here's a confession. We were hesitant, if not afraid, to bring the one-line diary keeping concept in the Philippines.

When we launched the 1 Line Journal on October 28, 2019, this style of journaling can be considered new locally. Being a novice to the stationery and e-commerce industry, our major concern was if we were the right brand to introduce this concept amid our lack of resources and following.

All our doubts faded, though — and we thank first and foremost our blogger friend, the Manila Millennial, for welcoming us to her platform and writing an in-depth article about the 1 Line Journal. Do you know to whom we also owe this pleasure of reaching more people and relaying our message about our product? You. You and your shout-outs.

We were surprised how you, the buyers, grasped the concept, then explained it simply and clearly on your own. Here are some that we spotted:


"It's a small, sturdy book, but one page will consist of five years worth of writing (if you are truly writing). Genius."


"Damn it was the perfect diary for me, I get to write 365 days worth of thoughts in 5 years! And the best part of it is that I get to track my thoughts for the next five years in one diary! It completely solved my problem of having to backtrack through pages just to see my progress, especially my mental health."


"I think this one-line-a-day 5 year journal from @hipassionig is brillant. It gives you enough space to jot down your thoughts at the end of the day, and acts like Facebook Memories where you get to see the progress you've made over the years. My days may not always be remarkable, but looking at the bigger picture, I'm hoping that I'll be able to make milestones in the next 5 years."


"This is one pretty neat way of expression. 5 years of comparison. 5 years of recording your memories expecting lessons, growth, and eventual success. One liner for a big dreamer."


"Best journal ever because it's easy to use & I know I won't feel pressured in writing long entries if I had a boring day... which is the main reason why I never get to finish journaling."


"For people with few time and few words, this one's perfect for us!!"


"I actually love the idea of reading stories, but when I get old I guess what's more fun is reading the story of my life and reminiscing the best moments I had. And this journal is perfect for that!"


"It's a journal where you write at least one line a day, for 5 years... I would remember really good times and see how it is connected to my present."


I struggled hard with journaling. I tried not to get intimidated by super creative ones I see on IG but still I ended up with empty pages after a month or two. Then I learned about [1 Line Journal] and I thought this might work for me. Less pressure on my end."


"My kind of daily journal! Yung one-liner lang since di ako maka-commit mag diary and magsulat ng essay every single day."


"The simple commitment of just recording 1 line a day is manageable for me and it might be the same for you."

You and your simple mentions of us in your socials greatly helped us pass through quite successfully, we could say our introductory phase. We hope you know how grateful we are to you.

Now, on to achieving small wins and greater milestones... still, with your help, of course!

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